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Cake Shop

Chocolate Delight – 8” /70
Two layers of rich chocolate cake filled with bittersweet chocolate mousse and a layer of cheesecake brownies! Topped off with a bittersweet chocolate ganache.

Coconut Buttercream Cake – 8” /60
Layered light chiffon cake, soaked in a sweetened coconut milk, layered with a coconut pastry cream, and finished off in a lovely pink buttercream, covered in coconut shavings.

Carrot Cake – 8” /55
Carrots, raisins, walnuts, and the richest whipped cream cheese frosting ever!

Deep Dish Key Lime Pie – 9” /55
Graham cracker crust filled with key lime custard, topped with whipped cream

Streusel Apple Pie – 4” /30
Order consists of four units. A buttery cookie-dough crust filled with crisp, tart apples, perfectly spiced and topped with a traditional streusel.

Assorted Brownies – 3” squares /36 – sold by the dozen
Perfect, moist, luscious brownie made from imported chocolate. Choose from an assortment of 3: walnut, caramel and plain.

Jumbo Cookies 4” diameter /42 – sold by the dozen
The perfect combination of soft and crunchy comes in chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, oatmeal chocolate chunk and peanut butter.

Home Baked Granola – 1 lb. Bag /32 – price is for minimum order of 4 lbs
Oats with coconut and walnuts, coated in a fragrant citrus brown sugar syrup and baked slowly to perfection in a traditional oven.

Additional Cakes

These cakes are available for local pick-up and delivery only. Due to their fragile nature they cannot be shipped.

Pumpkin Butterscotch Walnut Cake – 8” /60
Layers of pumpkin cake, filled and frosted with whipped cream and butterscotch filling and decorated with walnuts.

Chocolate Layer Cake – 8” /60
Layers of chocolate cake, whipped chocolate ganache, whipped cream, an American classic.

Oreo Cookie Cream Cake – 8” /55
Dark chocolate cake topped with Oreo cookies and whipped cream.

Guava Cream Cake – 8”/55
Layers of chiffon topped with guava puree and whipped cream and frosted with a whipped cream cheese frosting.

Tres Leches Cake – 8” /55
Layers of chiffon filled with traditional Tres Leches cream consisting of condensed milk, heavy cream and evaporated milk and frosted in a whipped cream cheese frosting.