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    Candidate Information

    *Days Available MTWTFSSunAny

    *Hours Available AMPMAny

    *Have you ever been convicted of a felony? YesNo

    *Are you authorized to work the U.S.? YesNo

    *Are you willing to work a rotational work schedule? YesNo

    *Do you currently have reliable transportation to get you to and from work? YesNo

    *In order to ensure we can comply with State and Local Laws regulating employment of minors or establishing age requirements for certain tasks, please answer the following question about your age group: Are you 18 years of age or older? YesNo

    *Are you eligible to serve alcoholic beverages in this State? YesNo

    *May we contact your previous employer? YesNo

    *May we contact your current employer? YesNo

    *What source referred you? CraigslistHcareersFIUThe Art InstituteIndeedIcebox Employee

    *Have you ever worked for Icebox Cafe? YesNo

    Employment History

    Employment History 2 (if applicable)

    Employment History 3 (if applicable)

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