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Cakes & Pies

Chocolate Delight 10.50
layers of dark chocolate, creamy cheesecake brownie and chocolate mousse filling, dark chocolate ganache

Carrot Cake 9.50
three-layer carrot cake, raisins, chopped walnuts, whipped cream cheese frosting

Coconut Buttercream Cake 9.50
layered light chiffon cake soaked in a sweetened coconut milk, layered with a coconut pastry cream, and finished off in a lovely pink buttercream, covered in coconut shavings

Deep Dish Key Lime Pie 9.50
graham cracker crust filled with Key lime custard topped with whipped cream

Oreo Cookie Cream Cake 9.50
dark chocolate cake topped with Oreo cookies and whipped cream

Deep Dish Apple Pie 8.50
butter crust filled with sliced Granny Smith apples topped with homemade streusel and cinnamon

More Treats

Icebox Sampler
For those who can’t make up their minds
Choice of 3 half portions / 16  •  Choice of 5 half portions / 21

Icebox Cafe Sundae /12
ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, walnuts and choice of brownie or cookie

Ice Cream of the Day /5

Cookies /4
peanut butter, chocolate chip, double chocolate chunk

Chocolate Brownie /5
plain, walnut, caramel

Dream Bar /5.25