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Icebox Cafe was developed as a place where people could commune and enjoy healthy delicious food. Over the years, Icebox Cafe has evolved, much as any individual grows over time, to encompass more than food and drink. It is a celebration of life and the important role that food and drink brings to our lives. We embrace the fact that we are a social establishment which calls the communities we operate in, our home and bring people together to share great stories about life, family and great food.

Icebox Cafe has translated its way of doing business into the airport arena by developing  a quick-serve concept in Miami International Airport. Through this airport concession, we are able to bring our delicious food to the traveling public along with our unique neighborly oriented, management style.

Icebox Cafe works hard to get to know its customers – their likes and dislikes and applies that knowledge to its food choices. Our customers can expect to experience food, which is thoughtfully cooked and delivered with our warm and cheerful hospitality.

We have created a variety of different kinds of restaurants, each with its own distinct feel and connection to the community, and each a reflection of the environment in which we operate.

Icebox Cafe

With its high-quality food, Icebox Cafe is a fun and lively community-gathering place with widespread appeal.

Fig & Fennel

Our menu captures the wide reach, robust flavors and diversity of the Mediterranean region. This brand is also designed around convenience with extensive “grab and go” options designed to give the traveler a variety of choices.